My Life Verse

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not undo your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why are we here? What is in your blueprint?

Often we go through life and we have so many different questions?  What is our purpose here?  Why did God put me here if all I have is bad things that happen?   When will I ever find love, husband, wife etc?  Well I hear these questions all the time and here is my thought on it...

I don't think we always know what our 100 percent purpose is on this earth.  However I do know this.  God has a plan and a purpose on this earth for you.  Sometimes we get so caught up in all the what if and whys that we miss the little picture that usually leads to the bigger picture.

For years I always wanted to know what MY purpose was on this earth but I do know this God gave me the gift of "gab" as I call it.  For a while I used to wonder I to much for people, to loud, to obnoxious etc...then I had something profound that God confirmed that my gift of "gab" was right what He had intented for me...

We attended a church at our last base and one Sunday a fellow volunteer said okay there is a lady here who attended our Christmas service and has come back for a second time. Can you please find her and chat with her (knowing that I NEVER meet a stranger) etc.  Her name was Renee.  (I will never forget that name because it had a huge impact on what my purpose was.)  So as we sat down I looked around with the desription she had given me...(a lady with brown hair and a jacket that had cheetah print around the wrist) could not find her..finally as the music started I looked around again and to my left in the next section was that lady...I scurried over there to introduce myself.  I said, "hi I am Tiffany and wanted to know if you would like to come sit with my family" happily she obliged.  After that service I then introduced her to the pastor as a new attendee that started at our huge Christmas service (which we know that two times a year people come to church for Christmas and for Easter) and that she loved it and so did her daughter (who had begged to stay for two Christmas services because she had so much fun.).  Of course for me that was so good to hear because I loved my church.  I was a teller at our last church counting tithes and after I was done that next week my pastor stopped me and said you remember the lady that you introduced me too...I said yes, He then said she called me on Friday to tell me her husband was killed and she was so thankful that at that moment she had a church family, even if it was just a short time since she had been going to church.  She asked our pastor to do his funeral.  As we attended that funeral we saw so many people that loved that guy.  He was a hard core Harley rider and was a repo of cars.  (He took his tow truck out and was hitching a car he raised the car up onto the tow truck he then went behind the car to look at it and the car then came loose and back over him sadly taking his life.)  That was a huge break through for me and God's gift He gave me.

I was questioning my very nature that God had implanted in my life....HE wrote that quality about me in my blue prints when He designed me.  That very incident confirmed that my God created me with a gift....a gift of being outgoing and never meeting a stranger.  Had I second guessed myself that day Renee would have come to church every week (if she continued to come) maybe with no one investing in her.   The very blueprint God created was used for His glory which satan had me second guess.    What we think how come, why not etc may not be in God's bigger plan for you....stay focused on the little things you can do to further His kingdom not satan's what if and how come bondage...

My point if you are wondering is this...if you stay so focused on what if, how come, etc you will MISS the little details that are written in your blueprint.  When you start catching God's little details...He starts to reveal the big picture..    So my advice is do things everyday for HIS glory and not your fleshy gratification and you my friends will see that you have a gift that was written in your blueprint...until next time..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I am God's masterpiece, and I honor that today!!

Well the last week has been such a hard week as reality has slapped me in the face...after coming back from our cruise that has been planned for a year I knew this time come sooner than later. Time for what you ask...well time to move.  The military says okay time to uproot you from life where you are comfortable living and start all over.  Oh and by the way you get to leave the church you love behind, the people that have become your church family behind, but most of all you leave your son behind to start college.  You leave him behind to turn him loose into the world, but you get to do it from afar.  So get that forsale sign in the yard and move on already is what all bulletins lead too.

As I sit hear just knowing this is going to be my hardest move ever with all the things I have to "leave" behind I hear this we are going to miss you, we love you, what will this place be without  you.  Well I sit here can't truly get it until you have walked in my size five shoes, the feeling of what it is like to move every two to three years.  Leave everyone that you make friends with behind.  (I know this is a life we chose when we were young but as you get older it doesn't get any easier.  When you are 18 you don't think that far ahead lol)  People don't realize that when you move life for everyone else that you left behind goes on, that Tiffany as the military wife has to start over, new base, new area, new neighborhood, new friends, pray that we find a new church that fills that void when you leave the old one behind....this is so hard to keep doing.  I am almost 38 and truly I am not ready to let my son go into this world, I am not ready to move again and leave everything and everyone behind but what choice do I have.  Well I have two...

One, I keep wollaring in my self pitty, blend in the wall like a wall flower so I don't have to deal with it, stop doing things for God's work and quietly slip out of town ....or I can look at it as a honor....

I choose honor.  Although I am sad some of the time thinking about this, cry about it to my friends, so clearly reminded every time I see my sons acceptance letter for college and the for sale sign in my yard when I walk out of my house. I am honored that my God thinks so much of me that He chooses to move me time after time again to further His kingdom.  I may be sad that I move and that life goes on without me but how can I be sad that my God chooses to move me all over the world so that I can be a light, His light in a very dark world.

Today was a huge emotional day for me (in the most awesome way) as I was asked to baptize two friends.  As I did it hit me with a ton of bricks of how God used me here to do work for Him.  We take for granted having a church there every week for us.  A church that we come to with open doors, very transparent people, a place to FREELY worship our God,  a place to raise our hands high while worshing with songs, a place to further our relationship for our God.

The series we are doing in church today is called Who do you think you are?  Well let me tell you who I am,   I am a daughter, a mother, a military wife, a friend, and I am a masterpiece, God's masterpiece.  He created me with a purpose way before I was even born.  If I sit in this world and don't do His works that He has called me to do then what good am I to my family, my friends (near and far), to strangers that we have that chance encouter with to share my God with.

So as I have more days that go by and it gets closer to moving.  I am going to well as they say put my big girl panties on and honor my God.   Honor that He had and has a plan for my life.  I may not like it and throw some fits but I stand firm in knowing He has a plan for me and it is a plan that is best for me.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends over the past 18 years in the airforce and civilian world for letting me in knowing that soon you will say goodbye.  Treating my family like yours, for letting me be in your heart and most importantly you leaving a huge heartprint on my heart.

So as I close this post I clearly thank you God for choosing my life be part of your bigger devine plan.  A plan that you loved me so much that you carefully took my lifeprint and want what is best for me.   You have placed me right where I needed to be in each time of my life without fail.  Although I do not know what your next plan is for me, I do know you already have it taken care of.

So I, Tiffany Kalin, am your masterpiece God, and it is only by your Grace that I have been saved......until next time.