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Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not undo your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Monday, June 6, 2011

The decisions you make today will determine your memories tomorrow...

Why does God want us to remember? That is the question that was asked to us in today's sermon. Well here is what I got out of it today.

When remember what God's faithfulness was in the past it allows us to trust HIM in the present.  How many things can you look back on and you can see God's faithfulness in it?  I would have to say probably to many to count.  One area that is huge in my life that God has been faithful in showing me that just when I think I got it all down and have learned something...well there is more to learn.   We go through life and we learn lessons.  Sometimes they are so hard to go through and you think what am I supposed to learn from this lesson.  Or do you find yourself saying why did I not learn that lesson 476 times  I find myself asking that over and over...does God just sit back and say okay I know you have walked through this already several times but after a few more you will then get it and you will realize why I let you continue in this lesson.  I think each time we go through something over and over we remember plus take something different from each time.  Something that helps us walk through that again or helps us look someone in the face and say I have walked that walk.  I am here to walk that with you and I you truly get that to tell them I get it.  I understand it.  That is when we remember and we think..God has this one just like He had the last one.

When we remember it directs our actions in the future.  If we keep walking in the same path eventually we get tired of it and we will hopefully have different actions the next time we are in it, face with it, walking through it etc.  When we remember all the wrong things we forget the right things (via Sam Roberts Life Church).  Boy that statement is a impactful one.  I don't know what that just spoke to you but how often do we just remember all the wrong stuff?  When we do focus all the wrong how many times does that choke out the right.  Or when you are trying to do think I have always done it wrong why is this time any different.  Well at some point you must remember the right..all though this is redundant it is so true.

How do we remember was the next point...well we write it down.  For me I have a quote book...when I hear awesome life changing quotes I write them down in my book.  I have that book to eventually pass down tid bits of useful information to my grandkids.  Same for your story, testimony, the situation, the time God spoke to you.  In that very instant you will write down that feeling, the words, etc so everytime you start to doubt you read it and remember that VERY moment.  Sam said today in the sermon...a book that you can pass down for generations to come.  You can call it what ever you want...faithfulness of God, the titles can be have free rain...but don't forget to write it down...that is how we remember. 

The final point was to tell it to others.   Oh my gosh let me say testimonies are the most powerful things to share.  You NEVER know when one, some or all of your testimony can be impacting, a confirmation from God to someone, and life changing moment where someone says God I surrender.  I am not the only person that has walked through this.  It can be something from a loss of someone, a circumstance of life, a survivor of cancer, a person that overcame rape, a abuse (physical, mental, verbal, or sexual) survivor. The possibilties of transformation for you or someone else are endless when you share your story or better yet God's story.

A handful of quotes that I will leave you with are this...

The decisions you make today will determine your memories for tomorrow (as well as generations to come).

Watching how God worked in our past allows us to trust Him in the future.

God always moves on our behalf....

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