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Monday, March 14, 2011

In a mere second life can........

The morning of March 11 at three something in the morning God woke me up with this title and message. I have had it in edit status for a few days as I wait for God to finish here we go

In a mere second life can change...for an instant, for a season, or forever.

We go everyday through life without the thought of anything happening to me...maybe we think about it, maybe we don't. On a daily basis we have 86,400 seconds that pass us by. However we can have 86,399 good ones and then the one second somewhere in that day can change your life temporary or forever.

In a mere second you may hear several different things in different peoples your pregnant, here is your new keys to your house, congrats on the new car, will you marry me, or things like...I am sorry you have cancer, I want a divorce, you have a disease, your son or daughter has a incurrable sickness, the decision you made cost your life, the jury we find you guilty, you don't know how dissapointed I am in you, the list is endless with good and bad results.

In that next second we start the next season, processing it. At that very moment you have the choice to look at it as a negative thing or a blessing. We spend so much time living in the what if, if I could have, I should have done this, why did I not....those what if's, how comes, and why not are from SATAN and NOT from our God!! Who might I add when you do that you just give him more ammunition. In a world that if full of dark and evil stuff why keep on giving him that power. That stuff just holds you in bondage to him and frankly he, Mr. Hellraiser is not worth the effort.

So in each situation I ask you when the "next" second happens how are you going to handle it? We always say in that very second I would have.....when and how will your next seconds count? Just my random thoughts...

Until next time........

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