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Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not undo your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Friday, March 4, 2011

Yes I hear you but am I really listening?

So how many times to you say yes I hear you? Without fail I say that several times a day....sadly most of those day I don't really listen. It would not be with my family or my friends but it is with God. This move thing has been a true test of faith.

I can't imagine how many times God says Tiffany...did you hear relpy...yes I heard you...God says but are you really answer well yes...His reply...we will see...

so as we go through life I always say yes I hear you...well lately God has been saying no you don't because if you did....well you would know I say rest in me. Let me have all your fears, anxiety etc and let me deal with them. You know I have a plan for you but you won't allow me to do my work but then when I do you don't give me the glory. Just rest in me....

Well I am here to say God I hear you. I hear you loud and clear. I gave you my situation with my move and you hit it out of the ball park. You have provided my family with a house and I know you have someone picked out for this house rather a buyer or renter...Keep talking God because that my friend is the best conversation to have. Thank you so much for God that never gives up on me.

So I ask you are you hearing God.....but are you really listening?

Until next time

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