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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spiritual DNA....and

A couple of sentences in a book grabbed me like a mom grabbing her child frantically from running out into busy traffic....

"The challenges they face are as different as the hemispheres where they live, but I see them as twins. They share the same spiritual DNA.  They are driven by the same passion...They accomplish ridiculously amazing things for God's glory.  Their faith seems to be turbocharged from some source that the average Christian never quite taps into." Sun Stand Still...Steven Furtick.

Some things that came to mind is how we are all connected by God's same spiritual DNA but how come we all use is so differently.    I know God gives us different talents, interests, missions etc but how come so many of us just barely tap into them.  Here is a few thoughts of mine..

When you are a "christian" (I use quotations as that is how most people use the signal when they talk about us) in this very dark world one of two things are called a hypocrite or a Jesus Freak. People either run so far from you, make fun of you, heckle you, pretend to walk that road with you then bail when the times get to hard...etc.   Well in this dark world we were ALL design with God's blueprints that has built in SDNA (spiritual DNA).  How come we just sit lukewarm in that....scripture tells us this...So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I am about to spit you out of my mouth. Rev 3:16 (NIV)  I don't know about you but I don't want Jesus to spit me out.  If Jesus spits me out you might as well ship me right to hell cause that is how our lives will be..NO THANKS.

How come we see so many needs but yet we just go day to day and never step out.  We let God have some of our things but we really limit him to work only in some areas.  So many of us have a story, event, a coincidence that led to something bigger (which might I add are not that...they are truly God's divine appointments), an addiction etc that we have been able to claim victory over it and yet we are so closed up that we can't even share them...we can't be transparent so that we can help others...God has a so much more in mind that us just surviving on this earth.  He has a plan for us, huge plan for us be we just do enough to get by.   I am the worlds worst about getting into my bible, taking time to talk to God, or just thanking him for the day to day stuff that he provides so as I say this to you I am saying the same thing to myself.

Imagine if we let that SDNA loose...what if for once we let it out of our body and run with it.  Can you imagine?  Can you imagine how we "christians" can change this world.  How God's light can shine like nobody's business?  Sounds great doesn't it....well then what in the heck are we waiting for....let's do it, lets let it out.   So what does that look like...well quite frankly I don't know what it is for you seeing that I did not design you..(thank goodness because you would all be wearing flip flop and carrying coach purses...maybe that is not a bad but here is what I do know...simple things can simply change others.

 Take the time to look someone in the eyes and say hello, how are you today?  Someone looks lost (I mean lost soul, giving up etc) give them a hug and tell them that you love them but most of all God loves them, send you neighbor a note in the mail with no return address telling them what a great neighbor they are,  pay for the car behind you in line at a fast food drive through or at a starbucks, buy the cashier that works at the grocery store a candy bar and a drink, go through your clothes and purge them.. pass them on to someone in real need,  your oh my gosh the list goes on...those are the little things but so many of those "little" things lead into a domino affect from one random act of kindness or a little idea that starts out as a simple thing catches on and becomes huge from people wanting to help out but did not know where to start.  So my challenge to  you is to do something awesome this week to let your SDNA out of the cage and be free.   I have tried to instill this in my son's head since he was little how something so little can be so big and can change someone for that moment, that day, or forever.

My thought who cares what people will say, think or do.  Bottom line you were put on this earth, all (believers or not) of us were created by our Father...all set with the same spiritual DNA.  You are a CHRISTIAN, saved by ONE man.  ONE man took everything for us, things that NO ONE should ever have to endure for another, the least we can do is help ONE more man know that.

My challenge for you is to do one thing everyday.  So I look forward to hearing the stories of how one thing changed someone else's day. As things happen this week I encourage you to post them on here to help someone else step out and do the same.

So where does your spiritual DNA do you plan on letting it loose?

until next time....

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